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Get Relief

The staff at Doctors’ Choice is dedicated to helping patients relieve their pain and lead more satisfying lives. Our cutting edge treatments will have you saying GOODBYE PAIN, HELLO FREEDOM!

Renew and Rehabilitate

Whether through chiropractic treatments, expert physical therapy, injury rehabilitation, pain management or nutritional advice, Doctors’ Choice Physical Medicine & Rehab has the right program to change your life.

Learn From the Best

In our office, you’ll learn all sorts of advices and tips from true experts. The professional staff is a wealth of knowledge and bestows that on all of their eager patients.

Chiropractor Pottsville

Proven Techniques

At Doctor’s Choice, we use time-tested, proven techniques on our patients. And we always personalize the treatment for the case at hand. We never use a “cookie cutter” approach.

Chiropractic Adjustments

We have two experienced chiropractors at Doctor’s Choice – Dr. Novatnak and Dr. Grose, both available to provide spinal manipulation and manual treatment to other joints such as wrists, shoulders and knees, etc. to help get you back in alignment.

Auto Injury Recovery

Suffered an injury from an auto accident? We know your injury is unique, and so must be your treatment. You need professionals that understand auto injuries. Dr. Novatnak has taught BioMechanics of Motor Vehicle Accidents to local attorneys for their continued education.

Specialized Equipment

We have a variety of cutting edge equipment such as MedX machines for back strengthening, Dynamic EMG to show soft tissue injuries for auto and work injuries, as well as Electro-Magnetic modalities to help speed your recovery.

Interventional Pain Management

Dr. Bruce H. Levin, M.D. is available for those patients whose injuries require more than physical medicine, and we offer Facet Injections, Epidurals, Nerve Blocks to Spinal Cord Stimulator treatments.

Personalized Treatment

Nutritional Testing

Nutritional problems can be associated with muscle and joint pain, which is why we offer Spectracell, a unique blood test that utilizes white blood cells to measure nutrition within the cell.

Workplace Injury Institute

If you’ve suffered a work injury, you’ve found the right place. We provide personalized treatment and expert communication with work injury case managers and lawyers.

Physical Therapy

Pottsville Physical Therapy: From simple strain/sprains to post-surgical rehabilitation, we have the tools and programs to help you overcome the difficulties of an injury or accident.

Care For Everyone

Doctors’ Choice Physical Medicine & Rehab provides care for all ages and types of patients, ranging from children to the elderly. And each patient gets completely personalized treatment.

CDL and Driver’s License Exams

Dr. Dawn-Marie K. Grose is a Certified Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation and available to do Pennsylvania Driver’s License and CDL exams.

We Provide the Right Care For:
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Neck & Back Pain
  • Leg Pain / Sciatica
  • Arm & Shoulder Pain
  • Whiplash / Disc Problems
  • Numbness & Tingling
  • Arthritis
  • Dizziness
  • Neuropathy
  • Drug Free Osteoporosis Treatment
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stenosis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Knee, Ankle & Elbow Pain
  • Post Surgical Rehab
Insurance Coverage

Most Insurance Plans Accepted as Full or Partial Payment Including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, Cigna, Aetna & Health America, Workers’ Compensation and Auto Injuries.

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Alexandrea Mullins
5 out of 5 stars
I am so thankful I was referred to Doctor's Choice. The staff is very friendly which makes every visit enjoyable. Thankfully Doctor N. had the patience to sit and really listen to me and found the reason for all my pain, I've been going to the office for a short few weeks and it has been the only time in over a year that I've had days with nearly no pain.
Robert Schultz
5 out of 5 stars
I have had issues with my lower back for a while now and have been to several doctors without noticeable improvement. Dr. Novatnak and staff finally have my issues going in the right direction. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. This is definitely the best place I have found.
Julie Barket
5 out of 5 stars
I had right low back pain that radiates down my right leg so bad that I couldn't stand,walk or sit for long periods of time and even drive my car..Would lose plenty of nights of sleeping. One day I decided to call Doctors Choice for an wait,they got me in quick.A good call Dr.Dave has really helped me so much with my pain a lot.He's awesome I would recommend him to anyone.His staff is great also very friendly there always smiling and lots of teamwork....Thanks guys!!!!!!Right now since I am going here I can sleep a lot better....
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Chiropractic Treatment

At Doctors’ Choice Physical Medicine and Rehab, we offer spinal manipulation by our expert Chiropractic team. Whether you are suffering from headaches, neck or back pain, shoulder or knee problems, foot pain or carpal tunnel, you can be certain that you’ll experience relief, because we only use time-tested chiropractic procedures. Contact us TODAY. Our exams start at $20 to see if our treatment is right for you.

Expert Physical Therapy

In 2009 Consumer Reports informed its readers that Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatments had the highest patient satisfaction rating for neck and back pain. Our office offers gentle and effective treatments that can help you get out of pain, and restore and rehabilitate your body to further your overall health and wellness. Some of the techniques, treatments, and testing we specialize in include: Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM), Biofeedback, Electrical Stimulation Therapy, Gait Analysis and Foot Assessments and Kinesio Taping. Again, this is just a small sampling of all that we can offer through our Physical Therapy department.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression has proven to be highly effective in the vast majority of cases in not only reducing (and often eliminating) symptoms, but actually correcting disc bulging, reducing disc herniations, relieving sciatica, significantly improving stenosis problems, and improving disc health. Spinal decompression can be used both on back and neck problems. Lots of big words, but if you have the problem you know what they mean, and now you know how valuable this treatment can be when addressing back pain.

Pain Management

Here at Doctors’ Choice, we are pain relief professionals. You should always start care with conservative treatments, like Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. If conservative treatment fails to alleviate your problem, we also offer Pain Management. Dr Bruce H. Levin offers Pain Management procedures such as: Facet Injections, Epidurals, Nerve Blocks and Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants.