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5 Common Symptoms of Poor Posture and How to Treat Them with Exercise

Poor posture is connected to many musculoskeletal conditions.  If you have poor posture you need to find out the reason you have it and if is correctable.  Good posture is very important when it comes to a healthy way of living.  Chiropractors help you maintaining one.  A lot of people don’t comprehend the importance of a good posture.  Some experience varying degrees of pain all over the body that gradually turns into major complications.  What people fail to realize is that the root of many of the simplest and even the complex of all health issues are usually linked to the body posture, in one way or another.

If someone is experiencing anything from the following symptoms, it would be a wise idea to get their posture evaluated to see if that is causing any of the complications.  Fortunately, a few relatively simple exercises can help in restoring the body posture and eliminate any problems associated with it.

1.    Poor Posture -HEAD

Following symptoms may be felt in the head due to incorrect postures:

2.    Poor Posture – EYES

The eyes may be subjected to the following:

3.    Poor Posture – NECK

The neck is a quite sensitive area due to the passing spinal cord and is almost always affected by a bad posture.

4.    Poor Posture – JAW

The jaw bone is also affected by bad posture in the following way:

5.    Poor Posture – SHOULDER

Shoulders are also significantly affected:


Fortunately, before any complicated problems start happening, a chiropractor can prescribe exercises that are aimed at strengthening muscles and bones and help in restoring a proper body posture.  Many of the exercises are easy to do at home and are designed to relax stiff muscles, keep the spinal column in a correct shape and thereby improve the overall lifestyle.

Exercise is also a great way to avoid heart diseases, high blood pressures, diabetes and scores of other diseases that result from