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Relief From Epidural Injection Pain

Epidural pain and complications can and do happen.  In this video the patients explains the circumstances for which she received an her epidural.  She explains what the injection felt like when she received it.   She also explains her complications and pain she suffered because of the injection.

Long Lasting Epidural Pain

There have been quite a few woman who have told me over the years that they can still feel where they received the epidural injection.  Most thought that they would have live with this pain and discomfort.  Many epidural sufferers are surprised when they come to us for back pain years latter and as we treat their back pain their long standing epidural discomfort resolves.

Long Lasting Pain Is Fairly Common

Post delivery epidural pain is fairly common.  Here is a website dedicated to it.  One thing you will notice looking at this site is that solutions are not posted.  For some reason woman don’t associate back pain from an injection as something chiropractic or physical therapy treatment can help.

Remedies to Try At Home

  1. Heat. Applying heat to the area can often provide short term relief.
  2. Sit cross legged then bend forwards as far as you are able. This can provide short to medium term relief.
  3. Use both sides of your body. Often mothers tend to carry things on one side or the other, which can put your back out of wack. Try to work on carrying loads on each side in turn, or in front.
  4. Wall squats. Lean against the wall and slowly do a squat, using the wall for a back support. Repeat several times daily.
  5. Ankle pumps. Lay down with your legs stretched straight and flatten your feet then relax them. Repeat several times daily.
  6. If you’re experiencing more severe back ache during a period, you could try a vaginal steam.
  7. Magnesium has a range of benefits including relief of back and muscle pain. Magnesium spray applied directly to the area is the most effective.
  8. Cod liver oil or coconut oil added to your diet (or taken in pill form) can decrease the frequency of back pain.
  9. Turmeric – simple and common but with amazing longterm health effects, many longterm backache sufferers have used it to find relief.

 If These Home Remedies Fail

If you tried the above remedies and they have not worked or if you are looking for a quick solution, call Doctors’ Choice your back pain specialist to schedule an appointment (570) 622-2525.