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Revolutionary Back Pain Relief Treatment for Schuylkill County

Pottsville PA:  In this video, we will demonstrate a neuromuscular re-education treatment for back pain relief to help correct a loose or sprained sacroiliac joint.  In a previous post, we showed you a screening procedure for this problem.  The key to the treatment for back pain relief is lock and neutralize the sacroiliac joint into its normal functional position and then perform a previous painful movement, pain free. 

The patient in the video has limited motion with low back and buttock pain bending forward.  Once the patient is in the Active Therapeutic Movement equipment, straps are adjusted to neutralize and lock the sacroiliac joints.  Once the sacroiliac joints are locked and neutralized the patient performs bending forward movements pain free.  This treatment starts to “wake-up” or stimulate the brain, nervous system, and muscles to function properly.  When your body is functioning normaly, you experience back pain relief.

The treatment is very similar to learning how to ride a bike.  At first, it was very hard to keep your balance, but as you kept practicing it became easier.  Then one day your brain, balance center, nervous system, and muscles all were connected and you were able to balance on your bike and ride it.

Obtaining back pain relief with this treatment is just like the learning that occured when you learned how to ride a bike.  The same type of nerve-muscle learning occurs with this treatment.  Only this time, you can now perform a previous painful movement, pain free.

Not all back and buttock pain patients have this problem, but a great majority do.

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Dr. David Novatnak

Glee Pascual, Physical Therapist

Pottsville, Schuylkill, PA

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