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Schuylkill County: Carpal Tunnel Stretches

Best Carpal Tunnel Stretches

These carpal tunnel stretches are recommended by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. We often recommend these carpal tunnel stretches for our patients.  Our patients are asked to do the stretches at home throughout the day.    Sometimes the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is shortened thickened muscles.  As the forearm muscles become short and thick with overuse or abuse.  The carpal tunnel is only so big and the bigger the muscles get the more crowded the tunnel becomes.  When the muscles get too big they can compress the nerve as it travels through the tunnel.  These stretches help lengthen and thin out the forearm muscles.  As the muscles become thinner there is less pressure on the nerve.

Carpal Tunnel Stretches Are Only Part Of The Solution

Sometimes these carpal stretches are all you need to stop the tingling.  But for most carpal tunnel problems, the stretches are only part of the solution.  This is because not all carpal tunnel syndromes have the same cause.  However the carpal tunnel stretches usually help because the shortened and thickened muscles are usually a component of the problem.  So no matter what the cause of the problem the carpal tunnel stretches usually help.

If these muscles are shortened and thickened  you will not we able to bend your wrist backwards very well.  You should be able to make a 90 degree angle between your hand and your wrist.

As you do these carpal tunnel stretches it is common to feel some discomfort at the wrist.  The shorter and thicker your forearm muscles are the more discomfort you will feel.

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Dr. David Novatnak

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