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Neck Pain Relief – Dr. Novatnak Explains How

Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is the second only to back pain as the most common complaint at our office.  Neck pain comes in many different types.  Sometimes it is stiffness.  Other patients have an ache.  Some patients complain of sharp shooting pain with movement.  And others also complain of tingling down the arm while some complain of pain in the upper back and shoulder area.  All of these symptoms can come from problems in the neck …. and all are looking form neck pain relief.

Neck Pain Relief, What Is The Best Treatment

According to Consumers Report, conservative care like chiropractic and physical therapy had the best results for neck pain.  These treatments tend to get to the cause of the problem instead of covering up the neck pain symptoms … that’s what drugs do.

To understand neck pain better you may want to look at this article and this one on posture.

Neck pain relief is a phone call away.

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