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Minersville Patient Asks: Hey Doc, The Pain Is In My Butt! (Is it my sacroiliac?)

Minersville PA:  In this video I am going to show you an exam procedure we do in our office in Pottsville Schuylkill County to determine if your sacroiliac joint(s) are lose or unstable.  This is a very common problem of low back, buttock, and leg pain.  It may be your problem. 

In this video, I have the patient bend forward and backward to stress the sacroiliac joints.  I find out how far he can bend, what he feels, and where he feels it.

The patient has limitation of movement forward with pain and to a lesser extent, limitation of movement going backwards with low back pressure. 

To see if the patient has lose or unstable sacroiliac joints I simply put a belt around the sacroiliac joints, the pelvic ring, and squeeze the sacroiliac joints.  If the sacroiliac joint(s) are unstable, he will be able to perform a previous painful movement “pain free”.  If there is no change in movement or pain then the exam is negative, the sacroiliac joint(s) are not involved.  If he has additional problems that are contributing towards his pain, he will be able to bend with less pain.  Simple.

In this instance, patient tested positive for lose or unstable sacroiliac joint(s) because once the belt was applied and tightened, “squeezing” the sacroiliac joint(s), he was able to bend forward and backward much better with significantly less pain.

The “squeezing” of the sacroiliac joints is something your ligaments and core stabilizing muscles should do if you were functioning properly.

If you would like us to check you out for this problem, give us a call and schedule yourself for a $7.00 screening.  Looking forward to seeing you.

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Dr. David Novatnak

Glee Pascual, Physical Therapist

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