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Dr. Manny of Fox News Receives PEMF For His Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Schuylkill County: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy or PEMF is a new therapy.  We are the only facility within 60 miles that has this therapy.

Foot Pain Improved In One Visit

In my 35 years of practice, I have never been excited as much as I am over the results I have seen with PEMF treatment.  As you would expect, there are many causes of foot pain.  Some of the most common causes are heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

If you the click on the link below you will see a video of Dr. Manny receiving a PEMF therapy treatment for foot problems.  

Dr. Manny’s PEMF treatment

Marcie’s Story

Marcie from Frackville had similar problems to Dr. Manny, unrelenting foot pain.  It was especially bad with the first step in the morning.  Any first step after being off her feet was painful.  As she walked about 10 steps the pain would ease off, but it was always there.  The pain went on for months. She checked all the internet sites for home treatment for foot pains and she tried them all.  Nothing helped.  In fact, some even made the pain worse.  Even those soft shoe inserts were no help.

Marcie was finally fed up with her pain and decided to come in to see what the problem was.  She had Plantar Fasciitis along with a bone spur at the heel.  She also had hyper-pronated feet  (think flat feet)and her painful foot was more hyper-pronated.

After her examination she received the same PEMF treatment that DR. Manny did and experienced about the same result.  The sharp pain on the first step was much reduced.  What a relief.

It took about six weeks of therapy, exercise, and stretching for Marcie to fully recover.

If you are having foot problems we would be glad to take a look at you and determine if we could help.