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Dr Oz: The Revolutionary Cure for Pain in Pottsville

Schuylkill County: For those of you in pain it just doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  The Dr. Oz show titled The Revolutionary Cure for Pain was about this new treatment, what he termed the “Pain Eraser”.  Our office has the “Pain Eraser” since February 2012 and I can say the results I have seen are truly amazing.

PEMF: A Cure For Pain

We have had incredible responses with patients that have rheumatoid arthritis. The reduction of pain has been astonishing, especially in their hands and feet.

Patients with chronic arthritis have also responded well.  Remo Piccioni of Pottsville could only walk one block because of his arthritic knees.  He was told his knees were so bad that they were bone on bone. He is now walking one half mile without pain.  Another patient could hardly walk without arthritic pain in both knees. She just returned from a cruise to Alaska and reported that she did well; she was able to move about the ship without pain and had no flare-ups.

We have had remarkable success with neuropathy with a number of patients.  Some responses have been very quick and others were slower but all responded.

Remo Piccioni receiving the “Pain Eraser” treatment

Some other conditions that we have treated with great success are carpal tunnel and all types of shoulder pain.  We also have treated dozens of Schuylkill County residents with foot and ankle pains with extraordinary results.

Some of the most astonishing pain patients have been chronic back pain sufferers. We have a few patients that have “tried everything” and ended up at our office as their last resort.  The back pain specialists at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia saw one patient. He had a complete work-up for this back pain.  Nevertheless, he was told there was nothing they could do. Just come back when the pain gets worse.  With one treatment, he was moving his back and legs unbelievably better.  Another patient had back surgery and was not doing well.  He was “all over” looking for help.  He even had a series of ozone shots in his back muscles that helped temporarily. But one treatment and the “Pain Eraser” he walked out of the office pain free.

If you have pain, and are tired of “living with it”, you owe it to yourself to try the “Pain Eraser”.

Click on the link below to watch the Dr. Oz show on the “Pain Eraser”.

Dr. Oz: The Revolutionary Cure for Pain