Doctors' Choice Physical Medicine

It’s almost Christmas Eve! Santa’s Treatment Update

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas is almost here!  Can you feel the excitment?  We can here at Doctors’ Choice because Santa’s been here getting ready for his big night!  He’s exercising and Doc Novatnak has been treating Santa with his extra special care, making sure Santa’a able to carry all those goodies to the children of Pottsville and all of Schuylkill County.

Santa’s a great patient.  He has made all of his appointments and cheerfully exercises and follows his treatment plan.  Good thing too, his back was a complete mess when he started treatment here at Doctors’ Choice a few weeks ago.  Dr. Novatnak is confident that Santa will make his rounds, and not have any problems with low back pain on Christmas Eve.

Everyone at Doctors’ Choice has enjoyed having Santa here preparing for the holiday season.

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful patients!  Have a safe and happy holiday season!