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Laser Spine Institute Preferred Provider

Doctors’ Choice Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Pottsville PA, congratulates David Novatnak D.C. for becoming a Preferred Provider for the Laser Spine Institute.  The Laser Spine Institute and the American Chiropractic Association cosponsored the educational program.  He achieved the highest score on the test.

By qualifying to become a Laser Spine Institute preferred provider, Dr. Novatnak has demonstrated his knowledge of:

He is looking forward to collaborating with Laser Spine Institute’s expert medical staff.

Laser Spine Institute caters to patients’ needs through every step of the streamlined experience, from the initial clinical consultation to minimally invasive surgery and postoperative assessment.  Their exceptional commitment to Above and Beyond patient care and their specialization in the latest minimally invasive techniques has garnered them a 96% patient satisfaction rate.

Dr. Novatnak

Dr. Novatnak can be reached in Pottsville at 570-622-2525 where he performs spinal evaluations according to the Laser Spine Institute protocol.  Patients not needing surgery can take advantage of the advanced conservative cost effective treatment methods at his office.  This is one of the functional examinations to determine underlying causes for back pain.  This video will help explain strains versus sprains.  A herniated disc is explained here.  The results of a study of chronic low back pain and Medx testing and exercise is here.

Laser Spine Institute

You may also contact the Laser Spine Institute here to make arrangements to be evaluated at their facility in Wayne PA, near Philadelphia.