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Margaret’s Pre Neuropathy Treatment Symptoms

Margaret had typical neuropathy symptoms.  Burning and tingling in her feet.  Sometimes her feet felt hot.  She said most of the time she felt like she was walking on rocks.  It also affected her balance.  She was wobbly on her feet.

Margaret did not have diabetes.  Diabetes is a common cause of neuropathy.  But there are many causes.  In about 40% of the cases, the cause can not be identified.

Her examination showed that she had abnormalities in pin, vibration, light touch sensation, and balance.

Do Your Feet Feel Like This?

Margaret’s Neuropathy Treatment

Margaret’s examination revealed that she also had a back problem that contributed to her neuropathy symptoms.   Therefore some of her treatment was directed at correcting her back problem.  Other treatments for her neuropathy were nutritional, vibrational exercises, special micro and milliamp electrical therapy.  Pulsed electromagnetic pulsed therapy was also used as well as neurological re-education.

She had the neuropathy for some time before she came to our office.  Because of the length of time she had the neuropathy and the cause of her neuropathy could not be identified, her neuropathy treatment lasted a bit longer the usual.

Margaret’s Neuropathy Treatment Results

Margaret did very well with her neuropathy treatment.  One leg returned to normal.  There were no symptoms or examination findings that suggested neuropathy.  The other leg improved about 90%.  She still has some symptoms on occasion and her light touch abnormality was improved greatly.

Is This Neuropathy Treatment For You

Almost all of our patients that have neuropathy respond to our neuropathy treatment.  We have had patients that had other types of neuropathy treatment.  They all reported that the type of treatment we provided helped the most.

If you have questions about our neuropathy treatment you can give us a call at 570-622-2525 and arrange for a free consultation with the doctor to discuss how our neuropathy treatment can help you.