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Non Specific Neck Pain and Chiropractic

What is Non Specific Neck Pain?

Everyone feels a certain amount of pain in the neck at some point in their life. There might be a sudden onset of sharp pain where you find yourself massaging your neck and wondering what exactly caused the sudden stinging neck pain.  Most likely the underlying cause is an old injury or a degenerative disease.  Bad posture or a prolonged strain to the neck may have aggravated the pre-existing problem.

Symptoms of Non Specific Neck Pain

Always remember that your neck supplies nerves to the shoulders, arms and hands. This means that any disruption in the neck can problems in the areas that the nerves supply  You may experience pain, numbness and tingling in the arms and hands.

These symptoms can hamper your everyday functioning. When the passageway for nerves is irritated, the messages carried forward to other parts of the body are distorted with painful signals. Hence, even though non-specific in nature, neck pain requires special attention.

Dealing with the Issue

Wondering why you should visit a chiropractic practitioner for a condition that you may think is harmless?  Because there is almost always an underlying condition that needs to be addressed.  Typically the underlying problem is present for years but may not be that painful because you are compensating for the problem.  However, once the problems becomes worse you can no longer compensate and pain results.

Reducing the pain is the first part of treatment.  The second part of treatment, the most important part, is to get the underlying problem reduced or corrected.  If this isn’t done, typically the degenerating problem continues to advance and the pain returns.

If the underlying problem can not be returned to normal you may have to do exercises or stretches to help keep the problem in check and reduce the likelihood of future aggravations.  The fact that posture and pain in neck are well connected in nature, your doctor can guide you to maintaining a good posture which will protect you against non specific neck pain.

Without the use of medicine, you can quickly be on the road to recovery.

Why a Chiropractic Practitioner?

You may have heard that some people believe that chiropractic is a pseudoscience and does not result in successful healing.  Medical scientific studies have found just the opposite.  chiropractic treatment in now recommended by the AMA.   Studies have demonstrated the chiropractic treatment is safe, cost effective, and has the highest patient satisfaction rating for these types of problems.  Referrals can be made to medical doctors and specialist, if necessary.

If your problem is more serious, Dr. Novatnak is a preferred provider for the Laser Spine Institute.  Dr. Levin, a Philadelphia Board Certified Pain Management Specialist, is also available at his office.

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing: sore neck? by Aidan Jones