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Looking for Physical Therapy Near Pottsville PA

Are searching for a Pottsville physical therapist or chiropractor to help you?  We have both types of healthcare providers on staff to serve your needs.  For your convenience we also have evening or Saturday appointments.  Our office is handicap accessible and we have plenty of off street parking.

Concerned About Insurance Coverage

It’s time to get treated!

We always check your insurance coverage for you so you know the extent of your coverage.  At your request, we will do this before you schedule your first appointment. We participate with most insurance plans.   We accept Medicare and most Medicaid plans. Because at Pottsville physical therapy and chiropractic we have doctors of chiropractic and a physical therapist on staff.  Because of our unique business structure we often have expanded insurance coverage compared to an office  that only offers physical therapy services. We treat patients with injuries from auto accidents and workers compensation claims.  Auto accident and workers compensation patients have no out of pocket expense. If you do not have medical insurance we have affordable payment plans to suit your budget.

What Problems Do We Treat

Our patients range in age from the very young to the senior citizen so we treat any muscle and joint problem.  Our patients have sport injuries, injuries from auto accidents, work related injuries, foot pains, arthritic knees, leg pains, back and neck pains.  We also treat jaw problems, shoulder pains, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel.  We have helped patients with Parkinson, neuropathy and patients with balance problems.  We are often recommended for post surgery physical therapy.

Services We Offer At Pottsville Physical Therapy

We offer many services at our office.  In the Pottsville area we are the only physical therapy providers for some of these services.  A list of them can be found here.

Pottsville Physical Therapy Reviews

We are very proud of the reviews by our patients.  As of this writing we have over 24 very positive reviews on Google.  We also have a great rating on Healthgrades and Rate MD.  Reviews and testimonials can be found on our website.