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What You Need To Know About Clinical Carpal Tunnel Tests

A clinical test is what the doctor does in his or her office before a test is ordered.  There are many clinical carpal tunnel tests.  Certain carpal tunnel tests are more reliable and accurate than others.  So if you think you may have carpal tunnel syndrome or before you undergo an EMG test for carpal tunnel watch this video.

Clinical carpal tunnel tests, like all medical tests, are rated by two parameters; sensitivity and specificity.

So in clinical carpal tunnel tests you what a tests that have a high percentage in both sensitivity and specificity.  When a carpal tunnel test scores high on both parameters it is a more accurate test for the condition.

Right Wrist – Transverse Carpal Ligament

Home Carpal Tunnel Tests

The video above reviews the sensitivity and specificity of many carpal tunnel test.  Most of these test you can do on yourself at home.   Remember the best ones have the highest sensitivity and specificity.  They are identified in video.

We also have another video on carpal tunnel symptoms that you may find helpful.

 Carpal Tunnel Surgery

First you should know that there are not any carpal tunnel tests that are good predictors of a good outcome for surgery.  In fact the long term outcome for surgery is not that good.  One of the reasons the experts say is that the identification of good surgical candidates is poor.  Surgery is not the only answer for carpal tunnel syndrome.  There are conservative chiropractic, osteopathic, and physical therapy treatments that have been very successful.  Once surgery is performed these techniques are not as successful because the integrity of the wrist joint has been altered.  Therefore you should always try conservative care first before surgery.

You can also try these carpal tunnel stretches.

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