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Pottsville Hip Pain Relief

Hip Pain Relief Screening Test for Home

Many patients present to our office with what they call hip pain.  When we take their history and examine them they do not have hip pain.  Most of the time it is back pain or pain from their sacroiliac joint.  True hip pain seldom occurs all by itself.  This is a simple screening test you can do at home to check out your hip joints.

 Hip Pain Relief

Do you have hip pain?  Is it only on one side?  Is it only in one direction on one side?  Did you get back pain when doing the screening test?  You don’t need pain to have a positive response for this test.  You only need the lack of mobility.  When you have lack of mobility and pain it is usually a more serious problem.

Here Is Another Way Of Testing Internal Hip Rotation

You can also test internal hip rotation as in the picture below.  Just have some one watch you.  there should be 40 degrees of movement from straight up with each leg.  If one hip is tight, most people can feel the difference from side to side.  But if both are tight you can not feel the difference.

Internal Hip Rotation