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Pottsville Knee Doctor Helps Arthritis Patient

Pottsville Knee Doctor Helps Arthritic Knees

Patient originally came to see us with a severe back problem.  As her back improved she told us about her arthritic knee problem.  She wanted to know if we could help her with arthritic knees.  Patient was told her arthritic knees were so bad that they were bone on bone and that she needed knee replacements.  Pottsville Knee Doctor was able to take a look at her previous x-rays.  Although they x-rays did show that she had significant arthritis, her knees were not bone on bone.  That is usually just a description that docs say when the arthritis is advanced.

Knee Osteoarthritis

 How Did The Pottsville Knee Doctor Help

We used specific exercise for her specific knee problem along with physical therapy treatments and manipulation.  We also used a very special electrical current and frequency, a Tennant Bio-Modulator.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) was utilized to help rebuild the damaged cells in the knees.

Before starting treatment she had problems with steps and had to hold the hand rail.  Walking down steps was worse than walking up steps.  She treated at the Pottsville knee doctor and is now doing steps with only little pain.

What You Need To Know About Arthritic Knees

You are probably wondering if the kind of treatment can help me.  More than like, yes.  We have treated many knees and have helped most of them.  At times we come across an arthritic knee that is very degenerated and crooked.  those we can reduce then pain but there is not any long term improvement.  To find out if we can help just give us a call at 570-622-2525.  We would be happy to take a look at your knees.