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Pottsville TMJ Doctor Helps Jaw Pain

Do You Have TMJ or Jaw Pain

Pain from the jaw joint can be very painful.  Jaw pain, headaches, neck pain are common complaints.  In this video Doctor Novatnak discuss her jaw and neck problem, her treatment and her success with treatment.

TMJ Can Be Caused By Neck Problems

TMJ problems can be caused by neck problems and neck problems can be caused by the jaw joint.  This occurs because of the relationship between the upper neck muscles and the jaw joint.  If you are having jaw pain you need to have your neck examined for dysfunctional joints.  The TMJ will not resolved until both problems are resolved.

The Three Knuckle Test

The Three Knuckle Test

A quick screening test for jaw problems is the Three Knuckle Test.  You should be able to insert your first three knuckles between your teeth.  If you can’t it is an indication of jaw joint muscle restriction.

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