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Pottsville Workers Compensation doctor explains what qualifies for a worked related injury, illness, and disease.  Also explained is how to get a claim started or opened.  Pottsville Workers Compensation doctor explains the time lines to open a claim.

You May Not Have To Treat With a Panel Doctor

There are very specific actions an employer must do to mandate you to treat with a panel doctor for 90 days.  If they do all of them you can treat with any doctor you wish.  It is Pottsville Workers Compensation Doctor’s experience that most employers do not comply to this section of the law.

Workers Compensation Law Does Not Mandate That You Have To Treat With The “Company Doctor”

Some patients have told me that they were told that they have to treat with the “company doctor”.  That isn’t true.  If you have a Workers Compensation injury, you can treat with any panel doctor.

What if the Doctor I Want to Treat With is Not on the List of Six Panel Doctors

Workers Compensation law states that to invoke the panel doctor provision that there must be a list of at least six providers.  If there is less that six providers listed you can treat with any doctor.  If there is a list of six panel doctors you can ask your employer to add the doctor you wish to treat with to the list of panel doctors.  The employer has the right to establish and modify the panel doctors.  The list of panel doctors can be much more than six, in fact, there is no limit.

Case Law Says You Can Treat With A Specialist of Your Choice

If your injury requires a specialist and such a specialist is not on the doctor panel, you can treat with the specialist your injury, illness, or disease requires.

Do I Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer

In most cases no.  However, Workers Compensation is designed as an adversarial system.  If you think the workers compensation law is not being followed or your claim is denied then you need to seek the advice of a lawyer that deals with workers compensation.  We have a list of workers compensation lawyers that our patients have had success with.  We share this list with our patients.

Can It Matter What Doctor I Chose to Treat My Injuries

If you have a claim that is being disputed having a doctor well versed in workers compensation law can certainly help your case.  Your lawyer is dependent upon your doctor’s medical reports.  Your doctors medical reports has to explain your mechanism of injury, the medical necessity of treatment, the basis of his/her opinion concerning the examination and medical tests, and if there is a permanency to your injury.  A disputed claim needs a good lawyer and a good doctor.

Need More Information on Workers Compensation?

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