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Schuylkill Back Doctor Finds Underlying Problems To Back Pain

What is Causing Your Back Pain?

Schuylkill back doctor explains underlying problems that lead to back, neck, hip, knee, and ankle pains.  If these mechanical problems are not corrected the painful problem will not heal completely and will start degenerating.  Most back and knee problems stem from poor mobility at the feet, ankles, and hips.  This leads to excessive mobility at the knees and back, the most common joint to degenerate.  This can be caused by shortened tight muscles or weak overly lengthened muscles. Schuylkill back doctor suggests you do this test on yourself.

Schuylkill Back Doctor Recommends You Find the Underlying Cause of Your Back Pain

The below picture shows abnormal and ideal views from the side view.  In the first picture her back arches, that means there is a muscle contracture or shortening of her back muscles.  In the second picture she has excessive forward lean.  That is one of the most common abnormal findings that we see.  It is caused buy shortened calf muscles.  Can you see how she has to bend her spine forward?  This exposes your back to abnormal forces.  No wonder it leads to back problems.  The third picture shows her arms going forward.  This indicates an imbalance in her shoulder muscles.

Now put a short piece of 2by4 or something that is firm and about two inches thick under your heels and squat again.  Did it feel different?  If it did you may have and underlying back problem… or a back problem developing.

What do you look like?  If you would like us to perform this screening test on you just give Schuylkill back doctor a call.  We would be happy to explain your findings for free.  Give us a call at 570-622-2525.

Overhead Squat Side View