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Sciatica Leg Pain Relief Pottsville Chiropractor

Sciatica Leg Pain Causes

Sciatica leg pain is an inflammation of the Sciatic Nerve.  Usually the problem is caused by disc in the spine at the nerve root level or by a pinching of the nerve by the Piriformis muscle.  The tingling and pain goes all the way down to the foot.  Back pain is not Sciatica.  Sciatica leg pain is a form of neuropathy.

How Is Sciatica Leg Pain Diagnosed

Most of the time the diagnosis of Sciatica leg pain can be diagnosed from the doctor’s examination.  One easy test the doctor will perform is the Straight Leg Raiser Test as seen in the video above.  Another test is a variation of this test called the Root Sign Test.   It is also demonstrated in the video.

When these test are positive the Sciatic Nerve is being pinched by a herniated or slipped disc.  Sometimes the doctor has to order a MRI to determine what disc and how bad to herniated disc is.

What If the Straight Leg Raiser and Root Tests are Normal

You can still have Sciatica leg pain when these test are normal.  When this happens the Sciatic Nerve is being pinched in the buttock area.  There are different ways the Sciatic Nerve can be pinched by the muscle.

What Is The Best Treatment For Sciatica Leg Pain

Well, it depends what is causing the Sciatica leg pain.  If it is due to a herniated or slipped disc chiropractic manipulation to the low back is the treatment of choice.  Lumbar decompression can also be very helpful to reduce the disc herniation.  You should also have the doctor or physical therapist look for an underlying cause of the herniated disc which can be a muscle imbalance.

If the Sciatica leg pain is being caused by a tight muscle in the buttock you will need stretching of that muscle to lengthen it and give the Sciatic Nerve more room to slide and glide.  There is always a muscle imbalance that has to identified and corrected with this type of Sciatica.  Sometimes there is a nutritional problem that has to be corrected so the muscle can relax.

Additionally, for either of the two types of Sciatica leg pain leg length and flat feet should be checked for because these can also be a underlying problem that must be addressed for long term relief.