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Tingling and Numbness in Arms – Pottsville Nerve Specialist

Where Is The Tingling Numbness Coming From

That is what every patient with tingling numbness arms wants to know.  Tingling numbness arms and hands is a common patient complaint.  There are many reasons for these symptoms and sometimes a few reasons exist at the same time.  This video explains some of the most common reasons for tingling numbness arms.

Tingling Numbness Arms And Hand From A Pinched Nerve In The Neck

A pinched nerve in the neck is usually the result of a herniated disc.  The tingling numbness can extend all the way down the arms.  It may be felt the most in the hand and fingers.  A single disc problem will give pain, tingling numbness into specific fingers.  The 5th cervical disc into the thumb and pointer finger.  The 6th cervical disc into the middle fingers.  The 7th cervical disc into the ring and little finger.

Tingling Numbness Arms And Hand From A Pinched Nerve From Neck Muscles

It is possible to pinch a nerve in the neck because certain muscles get shortened and tight.  Doctors call this problem a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  Usually a Thoracic Outlet problem involves more than one nerve.  So the tingling numbness is more widespread.  It will encompass half the hand to the entire hand.

Tingling Numbness Arms And Hand From A Pinched Nerve In The Shoulder

There is a nerve that can get pinched around the shoulder by a chest muscle.  Symptoms are usually referred to the outside of the forearm.  Typically there is tingling numbness but no pain.  I have not encounter this problem often.

Tingling Numbness Arms From And Hand From A Pinched Nerve In The Upper Arm

A pinch nerve in the upper arm will give symptoms to the outside of the arm from the elbow the thumb side of the wrist and may be felt on the back of the hand.  Pain may be present but does not have to be present.  There is usually weakness in extension of the fingers.

Tingling Numbness Arms From And Hand From A Pinched Nerve At The Elbow

There is nerve that can get pinched at the elbow area.  There are two possible locations for the pinch and two possible nerves.  The symptoms of one resembles a pinch in the Carpal Tunnel of the same nerve, tingling numbness at the wrist to the thumb, pointer finger, and the side of the middle finger.  The other pinched nerve will give tingling numbness to the ring and little finger.  Sometimes these two pinched can occur at the same time.

A third pinched nerve can occur in the front of the elbow.  There is pain at the elbow similar to Tennis Elbow pain with tingling numbness extending into the hand.

A forth type of pinched nerve at the elbow also gives tingling numbness to the little finger side of the hand.  There will also be muscle weakness and an appearance of a “claw hand” because of the weakness.